Hi Michelle, You may or may not remember us, but we brought home an Australian Labradoodle pup from you in December of 2016 when my husband surprised me for my birthday. Scout, formerly known as “yellow ribbon”, is just the best pup we could have ever imagined.

Her personality testing sited her as curious and easy going. While that has certainly proven to be true, she is also equal parts loving, smart, goofy, sensitive, caring, loves to say ‘hi’ to anyone and everyone who is interested, and is just all around the sweetest girl.

We frequent Magnuson dog park almost daily and it never gets old seeing her interact with other pups her age along with their owners who she loves to greet as well. Our favorite though, is the monthly doodle meet up, because it feels like Christmas every time. She is also very particular and will not drink out of communal dog bowls (something she figured out herself – can’t say I blame her!). Whenever she is ready to play at home, she will go pick out a toy and bring it to you, typically gently nosing it up against your leg. It’s just the best.

She has brought so much love and joy into our home and for that, we are ever thankful! Anyway, just wanted to drop you a note of gratitude as it’s long overdue. All the best, Victoria

Harley after his first trip to the spa! We're changing his name to tater tot! ☺️

Hi Michelle - I hope all is well. I wanted to send you a pic of Ollie. He is doing great and recently graduated from puppy kindergarten. He has mastered a number of commands - “come” is not yet one of them :) We are working on that. He has been healthy, eats well, loves walks and sleeps or is quiet through the night in his crate. He is about 22-23 pounds. Overall, he is a good puppy. Best, Sarah

Hi Michelle - Here is a picture of Ollie. He is doing great at 7 months. Hope all is well. Sarah

My experience working with Michelle has been fantastic, and even more fantastic has been the beautiful puppy she has helped bring into my life. Ember is now nearly five months old and is such a delight.

From the beginning, Ember was sleeping through the night and was a breeze to potty train. She loves adults, children, other dogs, and everything else. We've been progressing through puppy classes with ease and she is brilliant. We have so much fun together and get so many compliments when out and about.

Michelle has also been an excellent resource whenever I have questions and I'm so grateful for her advice, experience, and guidance. Jen

Hi, Michelle! Thank you for breeding such an adorable puppy to join our family. She is just precious. And I've hired Maggie as a trainer. :-) I hope you your family is well. Tess

Thank you so much for our beautiful boy. It has only been one day and already we are all so in love with him. He is a part of our family and our home feels complete.

Hi Michelle, It was great to talk to you today!

We have Addie who’s parents were Rogue River for Seattle and Mama Buttons, born 8/13/2013. Addie is 30lbs - perfect size for us (she lays in my husband’s lap for an hour every morning and often again in the evening.

She’s a cuddler! She loves people and is great with our grandkids. She’s not a chewer. We’ve never had any furniture destroyed. Even leaving her in the house alone, everything has always been untouched when we get home (though we often leave her a kong toy treat to work on).

If she has any faults - they are not hers, but ours. She is very smart and learns quickly. She nearly always gets "teacher's pet" at Riverdog day camp. People fall in love with her. Thanks again for your EXCELLENT work breeding these amazing pups.

Thanks, too for your groomer recommendations! -rochelle

Just wanted to touch base & let you know what a big part of our family Brisby has become & how very much we love & adore him.

My husband & kids who have never had a dog before have no idea how easy & great this dog is. I grew up with dogs & can honestly say, I've never had a dog so easy to train.

He's been extremely healthy other than 1 stomach bug. Nothing a good 24hr fast & a few days of rice & chicken couldn't take care of. For that, we are so thankful to you for his healthy start in life. At 5 1/2mos he weighed in at 23lbs.

My husband who was casual about the dog has found his best buddy in Brisby. He is the son he never had. They play fetch with a football, go for walks & get so excited when they reunite after work. The girls had taken to him before he came home. That love has only grown by leaps & bounds. Most days he rides to school with them & excitedly greets them at pickup.

Everywhere we go with him, we get compliments. He truly is a rockstar in so many ways. We always boast about the breeder & how we were so fortunate to find you. Below are a few pics.

For Halloween he's going to be a Beany Baby with the famous Ty heart shaped tag. I'll send pics. Before his 1st haircut.

Michelle - Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Love Miss Buttons and Finian

Thought we'd say hi! Just got back from our first grooming appointment. He did so well she was done early. 😀 His first beach trip is coming up in September. Hope you guys are enjoying your summer! Heather

Hadley is sweetest, most wonderful girl ever! We all adore her beyond measure and are so grateful to have her. Hope you and your family are well. Best, Tanya

I haven't sent you photos in a while. Thought you might enjoy these photos of our big boy. He will be three years old in April. We just introduced to new Bengal kittens a few weeks ago. He find them fascinating.

Our little girl is 16 weeks now...and sweet as ever. She will literally sit/stay and let me take photos of her...it cracks me up. She's a total supermodel! We had snow here last 2 weeks and she loved that.

Michelle, Hi, Happy Holidays to you! Oliver is doing really well – he and I passed his Kindergarten puppy training class and we’ll be enrolling in the next class starting in January. In fact, he was complimented by the trainer as a wonderful puppy – she couldn’t get over his calm/confident temperament and attentiveness to me. He is losing his baby teeth and is the perfect blend of calm but playful. He’s been a great addition to our family! Thank you, Alexa.

Hi Michelle, I hope the holiday season is treating you and your family well. I wanted to touch base and let you know that we are just loving having Gryffin as part of our family. He is just the best dang dog and has brought our family so much joy. We are thinking that we are a two dog family and would absolutely love to have another doodle from you. Thanks so much Michelle! I look forward to hearing from you.

Hey Michelle and family, Just wanted to send you an update on how Charlie is doing! He is truly the perfect dog for our family! So well tempered and absolutely amazing with our kids and their friends too! He is so excited to play with our friends' dogs! He was very easy to potty train, loves his crate, and does wonderfully on car rides (even to Spokane and back!). He has learned lots of commands like- sit and go to bed. He is such a sweetie and we couldn't be more in love with him!

Hi Michelle, Happy New Year to you! Here’s a pic of our 1 year old pup from you (F1B Iitter) at 45 lb. Thought you might like to see an update of her. We love her so!

Hey Michelle! Ruby was orange ric race and we got her 4 years ago. She's the best and we love her so much. Leslie and Matt (in SF)

Hi Michelle! Just a quick email to thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog. Here is a photograph of Holly with my son. Holly was in Daisy’s litter, born June 25, now almost seven months old. She is quite the character. Very sweet disposition. Very vocal now. Probably weighing in the upper 20s. Like a stuffed teddy bear. So soft. Best Doodle ever! I hope you and your family are all doing well. Tess

Hi Michelle -here is Lilly Mae at 5 months. She is about 28 lbs and lots of fun and fur. She has spirit and a sweet personality and loves to be around us and anyone else. She is a wonderful addition to our household. She has just started obedience classes and learns quickly. She is one of the youngest in the class but one of the best behaved! She has been housebroken for a month or so. I am glad we ended up with the Australian labradoodle. The non shedding and her size as well as temperament is wonderful. Peggy P.

Can you believe they’re 1? We love our sweet gentle giant rockstar plushy bear Copper, (aka “white ribbon boy”) is doing great! At 75 lbs he is the friendliest pup in the neighborhood. He has won over every single person who has ever met him, including my once fearful of dogs oldest daughter, who has overcome her fears to the point where she is already planning on having dogs when she grows up :) Thanks again! N.C.

Hi Michelle, Molly is doing great. She’s walking on a leash and trying not to be too distracted by everything around her. She found out that water comes out of our front sprinklers at 4am and enjoyed attacking the water and getting wet! Of course! Potty training is going pretty good, outside or on her puppy pads in her pen. She’s very smart and learning to sit. She loves, off the bush, blueberries in my garden. She’s so sweet and friendly. And VERY smart! She is delightful and we both love her so much. What a joy she is. Betty, WA

Lucky is amazing! Here are a few pics! We love her so much!! Thank you again for blessing us with such a perfect match for our family. :D Lauren, WA

Hi Michelle, I remember you saying you didn't have many pics of your past pups so am sending one of our Miss Bailey. She is doing excellent going potty outside, and is learning quite well her sit and come commands. 😊 An A-1 pup she is. You did well! Hope your current litters are going just as good... The Schaberg's

Dear Michelle, We just wanted to let you know things are going wonderful so far and we are truly in love with Maggie. We have all been adjusting well to the new family member and routines. Maggie slept all the way through the night last night 1130-630. It was awesome. She is eating well, already walking a few blocks on a leash, and had a great first puppy check with an all clear. Thanks so much and we will send more later. Brandy Landry.

Michelle, Murphy is doing great and adapting well to everything. Just had his 11 week vet check up / vacs and he weighed in at 9.5 lbs. already bigger then his Daddy. :) He is a people guy! He loves meeting new people, and we have had him with some relatives dogs that we know have all the vaccinations. He has very good temperament. Crate training going well, and he typically sleeps from 11:30 - 6:30am without waking. Thanks, Bryan and Susan

Here is Tally Ho at the cabin. She has so won our hearts. I hope you had a good Christmas. Thank you, Roselle

Hi Michelle, Henry is doing fantastic! Right from the start, he's been sleeping through the night. He uses his potty area outside everyday, knows how to sit, loves to snuggle and loves to fetch. My neighbor, Ingrid, says we may have to change his name to Guinness because he's already surpassed all of her dogs in these areas by a long shot! We hope Henry's siblings are all adjusting as well as he is :-) Best regards, Julie

Hi Michelle, We wanted to check in and share with you that Kona has become a wonderful part of our family. He is well adjusted and learning new commands every week, and on his way to becoming fully house trained. This past week he learned to heel (with loose leash), and now does a great job on our walks. We hope all is well with you, and that you are continuing to provide joy to the families in the area, with the lovely puppies you help bring into this world. Best Regards, Yong-Joo and Harry.

Had to send you these photos of Hachi on her first camping trip. She is doing great and settling in nicely. We already visited the vet. The gal at the front desk was so impressed with her, the way she stood and walking with the leash. Almost like she expected us to have Hachi in dog shows or something. :) She has already sat with commands (and not just coincidentally) plus she comes when we call her name. She is a bundle of energy and we can tell already that she will like to be active with us. Can you tell how proud we are of her already? Thank you so much for matching us up with Hachi. She really does fit in well with us and we are so enjoying having her as part of our family. You gave her such a great start in life, thanks to you, your family, and most of all Mama Buttons! ~ Cheryl

Michelle, I wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new family member Lola. She is absolutely adorable! She has adjusted so well and is very comfortable with all four of us, our house and her new yard. She is very sweet and gentle - exactly what we wished for. Thanks, ~ Amy and Fred

Hi, it's me Brady. I've been in my new home for a little over a day now and I just couldn't go to bed tonight without sending you an email to thank you for my new human mommy and daddy. Wow! I think I'm going to like it here! When we were driving home, I got nearly smothered with kisses by my new mommy. It really was pretty wonderful, since I was feeling a little jangled up inside by what was going on. I fussed a little on the way home but my new mommy was really reassuring. Then once we got "home" I explored my new backyard. By the way, my new daddy is a real pushover. He even took a nap with me on the floor when I got tired yesterday. I slept pretty good my first night. All in all I think this is going to be a great life. Tell mommy Daisy that I am happy and adjusting well and that I am certain these people really love me a lot. Lots of Love woof, Brady-kins ~ Washington

I just want to tell you how Lainy is doing. She is the best puppy I have ever seen or had. She is so loved by all of us. She is smart and so loving. I am with Lainy all day and I have enjoyed her so much. Lainy is very social and plays well with other dogs and loves people. We could not have got a better puppy and are so happy with her. She has a good home and our whole family loves her, well maybe not my pomeranian, Baby, she is 14 and fragile. Well I just wanted you to know how Lainy is and how happy we are to have her. J.M. ~ Washington

Milo is the most loveable fluff-muffin! I just love this dog; he's is the best. He will press his entire body on your legs for attention, as if it were a hug. He will always lay on the sofa with me. He's just a joy! Julie ~ Washington

We could not be any happier with the goldendoodle we purchased from Michelle's Doodles. Our puppy (Sugar) is well-adjusted after just 4 days. Sugar is sleeping 7.5 hours through the night, eating and learning potty training. She is mellow, loving, sweet and healthy. It is obvious that she came from a family-oriented, nurturing environment. We love her so much and would highly recommend working with Michelle. Stacey and Tony

When I called Michelle and told her that I was looking for a female puppy that was "calm" (if there ever was such a thing), I couldn't have asked for more. That is exactly what we got with our Zoe! She has the best temperament. She is very smart and was easy to train. She is wonderful with kids, and loves to play with our cat (even if the feeling isn't always mutual). I get compliments on her all of the time. If there was such a thing as a breed standard for Goldendoodles, I believe Zoe is just that. Zoe is a wonderful addition to our family and I highly recommend Michelle's Doodles to anyone looking for the ultimate family dog! ~ Sally

Thank you so much for the gift of our Ellie Mae, she has been such a joy to have in our home! She is full of charm and warm personality and she is wonderful with my small children! When we have guests over, she shows off her great obedience in not barking, jumping or being under their feet. Ellie was very trainable and took to her lessons quickly -- potty training was great! We get many compliments on her looks as well as her behavior and temperment. She is definatley the pick of the litter!! We are looking forward to Daisy's next litter of pups! We highly recommend Michelle's Doodles to anyone looking for a high quality dog that comes from a breeder who truly loves her pups! Thanks Michelle!! ~Marcie

Dear Michelle, It's hard to believe that our puppy is almost 7 months old! He has been such a wonderful addition to our family. Chuba (pronounced chew-bah) is very mellow and proving to be very smart. He knew all the basic commands (sit, stay, come, down) before he was 3 months old, then a few more (high five, shake, circle, jump, speak) shortly after that and continues to enjoy learning new tricks. He is gentle and very sociable - getting along very well with adults, children and other dogs. When asked where Chuba came from, I am always happy to tell people about you and how impressed I was by your facilities and the care you have given your dogs and puppies. I truly appreciate that they were raised in a wonderful, family environment. I believe you have given Chuba and the rest of your puppies a great start. Thank you Michelle. Chuba is a constant source of love and entertainment. ~ Julee

Hope all is well with you. I wanted to give you an update on Ozzy! First off, we just adore him to death. He is very loving, people-oriented, playful, and adorable. Everyone who meets him breaks into a smile because he is so open and engaging. (We also get constant compliments about his appearance and 'what kind of dog is he?) I was the member of the family that was reluctantly cajoled into agreeing to get a dog, and of course Ozzy and i are as close as can be. He is really an impressive dog physically. Very fit, muscular, strong, and well-proportioned. His postures and stances are striking, and he has a regal air to him. The double doodle puppies are so cute and 'teddy-bear'-like that i was a bit (pleasantly) surprised what an athletic dog he is. He loves to go for walks and hikes, and has the gusto and the strength to go anywhere - which will serve him well with us and our outdoor activities. Oh, and he loooves snow. He is still unbearaly cute, but also very handsome as well. His coat is absolutely the most amazing coat I've ever seen (or felt) on a dog. It's soft, beautiful, and really is no shed - you can pet him vigorously, hug him, etc, and walk away hair free. It's amazing. He is very soft, not wiry like some of the labradoodles I've met, and the coat is wavy without being too curly. It's a goldilocks coat- just right! As you can see, we havent had him sheared yet; i really like the fluffy look but we may get him a haircut this summer. He is highly motivated by treats. We can easily get him to do pretty much anything for a treat. At the dog park, I've trained him to come to me when i click his leash, and he sits and lets me leash him, knowing that it will earn him a treat. Other dog owners usually look on in amazement. (no dog wants to get leashed and leave the dog park). And it didnt take much more than a few times before this became standard behavior. I don't want to sugar-coat it; he has been challenging in a couple of ways - but i also don't want to scare anybody - really, at 5-6 months old, he was already better behaved at the dog park than many of the adult dogs there, and he certainly comes when called better than many dogs i see. Still a work in progress, but pretty advanced for his age, and i can easily see him being one of those amazingly well-trained dogs by adulthood. I've met dozens if not hundreds of dogs since becoming a dog owner and frequenting day care and the park, and he really stands out in every way - including when compared to the labradoodles and goldendoodles I've met. They're too small, too big, too wiry, too fluffy, not as cute, too hyper, etc. We just love him to pieces and i do encourage adopters to trust your matches. Don't heitate to request photos or any other info in the future; we're more than happy to brag about our awesome dog! Thanks again Michelle, Randy ~ Alaska