About our parent dogs: We believe that only the highest quality dogs should be bred. Therefore we would only use fully tested registered AKC and/or excellent pedigree dams and sires.

Our Male Dogs


Annie's Doodles Duke Thunder, F1b Golden Doodle, There is so much to love about Duke! He is quite the charmer! His soft, curly, fluffy apricot colored coat is beautiful. He has bright, happy eyes and is full of love, play, loyalty, and smarts.

He loves to play chase and is a great companion on long walks. Duke is a great family dog in every way and wants to be doing what you are doing. He is rough and tumble yet gentle and is very social. I am thrilled to have this great stud dog to bring us fantastic doodles.

Duke weighs 30 pounds and has great test results. Health Clearances OFA hips and elbows, OFA eyes and OFA heart.


AKC Registered Poodle, MSR's Maveric, is a beautiful medium sized boy with a lovely curly red coat! People who meet him often think that he is a doodle because he has a doodle look and temperament and he brings smiles to everyone who meets him.

He has 2 teacup poodle "siblings" that he lives with in his guardian home and he is always ready for any adventure with them or his people. His guardian family adores him and so do I because of his stunning good looks and he is super sweet and smart with a gentle temperament and fantastic genetic health test results: Health Clearances OFA hips and elbows, OFA eyes, OFA heart, PRCD, vWd's. His puppies are absolutely gorgeous! Maveric weighs 28 pounds.

Maveric and Duke are available for stud service to approved breeders only.

Our Female Dogs


Australian Double Doodle. Michelle's Doodle's Kit is just a joy to be with! I love Kit, she is a wonderful girl. Her guardian family adores her too! She is the daughter of Pumpkin and Duke. She is full of fun and gentle playfulness. Everyone who meets her is her new best friend. She is extremely good natured and sensitive....seeming to simply want to please, play a game or settle in for some quiet time. Her personality is very loving and she likes to be with her people all of the time.

She is 30 pounds of Double Doodle greatness with an Apricot coat that is wavy and silky soft, and non-shedding. OFA Hips, Elbows, Eyes and Heart


Michelle's Doodle's Magnolia, Australian Labradoodle. "Maggie" is a ray of sunshine everyday! She is very easy going and is sweet as can be and has the perfect amount of doodle goofiness. You can't help but fall in love with her. She trained very easily and is well mannered. She lives with her guardian family and has many human siblings and chickens too!

Magnolia's coat is Apricot, curly and non-shedding fleece. She weighs 32 pounds. OFA Hips, Elbows Eyes and Heart


Australian Double Doodle. Michelle's Ginger is an Australian Double Doodle girl who is gentle and sweet natured and is a super snuggler. She lives with her guardian family who enjoy walks with her and taking her for runs...she is a best freind and she adores them and they love her. She is sweet and silly and full of life, smart and playful.

She weighs 29 pounds and has a soft silky curly Cream/Apricot colored coat. I hope to have genetic health testing done soon to breed her early fall. She comes from great lines and I am very excited about her potentially joinging my breeding program.

Retired Dogs