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Benny needs a new home

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Meet Benny. He is a 2 year old Double Doodle (Golden Doodle X Labradoodle) and he needs a new home. One that has room for him to run and play and someone that has the time for some training. Overall, he is a very sweet boy and he loves everyone he meets. He has all basic training down well. What he needs is a home with a good sized yard to catch the ball and run and play, and/or that his people have an active lifestyle. He is not overly active, but he is still a young dog and has energy to get out 🙂 Having dog experience will benefit him because he does have resource guarding issues right now, but I really believe that this can be trained out of him and you will have a very wonderful dog.
Some of his basic information:
Birthday 6-1-2021, 43 pounds

current on all vaccinations, micro chipped, Potty Trained, Crate Trained - sleeps in his crate and also has no problem going in during the day if needed. He loves to run and play and get belly rubs. He really is a very sweet boy, and working out this resource guarding will be a game changer 🙂.

There is a small rehoming fee and he comes with EVERYTHING! Please text Michelle if you are interested in him 425-941-2632 or email michelle@michellesdoodles.com Thanks so much!

It is our goal to make this puppy adoption time a wonderful experience for you and to set the stage for a wonderful life of doodle joy for you and your new doodle baby!

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Available Puppies

Our parent dogs are selected based on healthy pedigree and wonderful temperament first and foremost. We know we can stand behind our dogs because of the genetic heath testing we have done. Our puppies come with a two year health guarantee and we are always here for you and your dog.

Our parent dogs are either raised in our family home or raised in approved guardian homes where they live great lives with all of the love and attention that they deserve as part of the family. When it is near the time for our mama dogs to give birth then they come home with me and stay here to raise their litter. I make sure that everything is ideal for them and stay right by their side until the puppies start to arrive and throughout the entire delivery. I love my mama dogs and want them to know they are secure and loved as well as making sure that everything about each puppy baby is healthy and perfect.

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We take meticulous care of these precious puppies. This is a family effort and the puppies are loved from the minute they are born. They are imprinted and socialized by dogs as well as people in preparation to go to their forever family.

Another special thing that we do is professional temperament testing to help place our puppies into your family perfectly. We hold to the Premium Breeder guidelines and standards and our dogs and puppies are given absolutely the best of everything possible so that your new arrival will have a great start with you from the get go and enjoy a long, healthy, happy and well adjusted life. Our doodles have an excellent reputation for health, personality, beauty and intelligence.

We think that doodles are perfect in every way and we invite you to take a look around our site and get to know us and our dogs a bit.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me so I can hold aside your precious new family member for you.

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